I Wist.

So I stumbled upon the most genius idea on the web a couple of weeks ago and it's called Wists.

What is a wist, you say?
Well, it is toted as being "social shopping." It is basically an online wishlist that you can post to your blog that works similar to adding a bookmark.

And I have discovered this genius tool at the most perfect time:
A little over a month before my birthday!!!

So I've been busy collecting items and filling out my wist page. Soon it'll be robust enough to be posted on my sidebar, but for now I leave you with a link.

The only downside I see to this service is that you cannot add any items off of Crate & Barrel and/or CB2. Ew. Not a fan of that. Especially since I have so many wishful items on both of those sites. But gift cards are always welcome! ;)


rox said...

btw whens is your fabulous day of birth celebration

Meli said...

My birthday is July 29th :)