Pearl Jam | Kings of Leon Concert

On Wednesday, Augi and I along with my in-laws went to see Pearl Jam live at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. It was a very generous gift from my father-in-law who shares the same love for live music as his two kids. We were also celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday.

Kings of Leon opened and I was blown away. I've always loved KOL, but wasn't so sure how they would perform live mainly due to the singer's unique voice. Wow, they were amazing. Completely went above my expectations. I hope they come on their own tour nearby soon because I would love to see them headlining. They definitely left me wanting more.

*sorry for the shaky video, trying to dance and film at the same time apparently doesn't work.

Pearl Jam started off a little slow mostly due to the fact that they played all their new stuff. Augi and I both didn't recognize any of it. But all of a sudden they kicked it into high gear with I believe Even Flow and that was the end of it. We were all singing at the top of our lungs and dancing around. It was freaking fabulous and a total 90's flashback, which all of you know I love. They played two encores and eventually had the house lights turned on them - I really thing they would have kept playing otherwise. It was just a great show. It would have been a freaking amazing show had it not been at that amphitheater. I really really detest that place, but everyone goes there so I have no other choice but to go time and time again. The lawn is gross, people are up in your business, everything is $500 (exaggeration) and the acoustics SUCK.

Sorry to get off on my I-hate-Cruzan Amphitheater-tirade, but I just had to put it out there.
But back to the show. It was glorious. Check out some of the video I was able to get:

Unfortunately, this marked the end of my summer concert series for now. I am hoping some more amazing bands stop by soon. I'm currently playing the watch & wait game with Stone Temple Pilots. They just announced a show in August at the Hard Rock, but I'm waiting for ticket info. I saw them about 6 years back for free on South Beach and they were ridiculously good. I hope I'll be able to see them again!


LLove said...

Meli, were you even that happy on your wedding day? JK:)

Im dying to see PJ live, but since Davey has been there done that, I'm going to have to find another partner in crime!

Meli said...

Let's do it Lauren!!!
I'll always be your concert partner. Just move back here, mmmkay? ;)